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Less time. Less money. Perfect fit.

Empowering creators by providing the perfect tune for your content.

Just tell us what type of songtrack you need and Vienna will generate a song for you! Curated by humans

How it works

  • Lower price than usual marketplaces
  • Community of editors reviews AI generated music
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliable quality

What kind of music do you want?

Fill in the input form! What type of emotion? Is it a fast paced beat? Or a chilled harmony?


Emotion analysis

Based on your inputs, we decide the music model that better fits your needs.


Music Generation

Our Machine Learning algorithms do their best to create a song that better fits your vision.


Editor Reviewing

Certified music experts analyze the music and score the song according to what you desire.


AI learns with the curators inputs

The more you use the platform the better our pipeline will get at creating the perfect music for you.


Music Delivery

The song is delivered to you. With the emotion you wanted, and most importantly: copyrighted to you.

About Us


Lisbon creativity at it's finest

We are a group of student from the Technical University of Lisbon with an enormous appeal for leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with day-to-day problems.

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“Vienna” wins the 2nd edition of E. Awards @ Técnico

Técnico Lisboa Dez 20, 2019

The idea that combines music and Artificial Intelligence stood out from the 11 ideas presented at the Final Pitch.

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Empreendedorismo e Sair da Zona de Conforto | NEECTalks

NEECIST Sep 12, 2020

Os convidados deste episódio são Carlos Marques e Ricardo Espadinha, atuais Presidente do NEEC e Tesoureiro do NEEC & Coordenador das JEEC, respetivamente. Além destas posições de peso, foram dois dos vencedores do concurso [email protected]écnico - Edição 2019 com o projeto Vienna, que utiliza AI para criar música personalizada consoante o pedido do cliente.

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Ensinar a aprender e aprender a ensinar

Observador Sep 29, 2020

A paixão pela música aliada à engenharia deram origem a uma plataforma que permite criar música à medida de cada pessoa ou acontecimento. Estudar é, cada vez mais, aprender a pensar e empreender.

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